Boss Babes Murfreesboro

Accountant and financial planning coach, Cynthia Hoke detailed a checklist to a group of women, focused on a five-step plan to financial security.

“We all have to start somewhere, and it isn’t going to happen overnight,” said Hoke. “It starts with building and tracking a budget.”

The five steps to follow when creating an efficient budget plan, Hoke said are figure out where your money goes, take a look at your spending, prioritize your spending, set savings goals, and automate everything.

Hoke received a bachelor’s degree in financial planning from Texas Tech University and a master’s degree in youth and family ministry from John Brown University. She also attended Dave Ramsey’s Masters Coaching seminar that helped her develop her financial planning strategies for her clients.

Boss Babes Murfreesboro sponsored Hoke’s presentation attended by about three dozen people. The event a is networking event for women in business, entrepreneurs, and young professionals to share their stories, experiences, ideas, and inspirations.

“My first Boss Babes was a few years ago when I was actually invited to speak at one in Clarksville, Tennessee,” said event coordinator Krista Hawkins. “It was very clear for me after that, this type of event needed to be brought to Murfreesboro.”

The Murfreesboro group started in August of last year, but multiple cities and states participate in this movement.

“The ultimate goal for this event is to connect and encourage women in small business,” said event coordinator Ellyn Kullmar.

Boss Babes Murfreesboro will hold its next event sometime in May on the topic “Technology for Sales Success.” Graphic Designer and another Boss Babes event coordinator Cynthia Wallace will be the keynote speaker.

Currently, this event is held at Jonathan’s Grille with a lecture following the dinner. The event can be found on Facebook and tickets can be purchased through Eventbrite at $20 each.


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